"As I progress through my career I become more and more grateful of my life in dance and all my good fortune that has come with it.  Of course, I have Marcia Dale Weary and the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet to thank for it.  I don't know how to express my gratitude for the way that CPYB has changed my life other than to continue perfecting and molding what Marcia and all my great teachers have taught me.  These life lessons are forever instilled in me and I wear them proudly each day I get to dance."
- Noelani Pantastico, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo Soloist and CPYB Alumna

"Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet gave me a solid foundation on which to build my career. Without the guidance of CPYB's dedicated teachers, I would not be living my dream."
-Carrie Imler, Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal Dancer and CPYB Alumna

This has been an enriching experience for her. All the teachers were motivating and our daughter has learned so much.

The time our three children spent at CPYB has been beneficial to their dance careers.

My child has significantly improved her technique and has thoroughly enjoyed all the classes.

My daughter just completed the CPYB summer intensive. The program exceeded her expectations. She loved the intense focus on ballet technique and appreciated the non-competitive atmosphere of CPYB. She had many favorite teachers and made lots of new friends. The program was worth every penny, and I would highly recommend it to any young dancer who loves ballet and wants to strengthen their technique.  

Mikaela has had a wonderful five weeks!  

Thank you for a wonderful moving in…we had a 12-hour drive to get to CPYB and lots of questions about what Rebecca was embarking on. I can tell you that our questions were well answered in your handbook and mailed materials, as well as when we arrived. The arrival and moving into the dorm was so well organized, and we were very impressed by the helpfulness of the support staff. I felt very comfortable driving back to Tennessee knowing that Rebecca was going to have a safe and wonderful summer of dance. Thank you so much for being so organized and calming my fears.

Thank you so much for your help this summer. Maris has been VERY happy at the program. I suspect you will be seeing her next summer, too!

We had a wonderful weekend checking in Jeordan, enjoying the amazing “June Series” performances, and learning all about the wonderful CPYB program that has far exceeded our very highly set expectations–we are thrilled to have Jeordan there!!

Thank you!! My daughter, Ellie, has had a fantastic experience there (CPYB). Your program is so well run, coordinated and supervised. It’s been really great and she says she’s learned so much in the classes.

Again, thank you so much for all that you have done (for Morgan). Your program is truly amazing. Our younger daughter, Brooke, is having the time of her life as well!!

Claire finally got to Maine this evening after a cancelled flight and a long day of traveling. She has had the best of her three years at CPYB this summer. I appreciate your patience with all my e-mails and I thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the dancers.

Abigail thinks that CPYB is great and we agree! Thanks for what you do.
–North Carolina

My daughter, Gabi, had a great experience at CPYB and made great progress over the five weeks.
–New Hampshire

My eight-year-old daughter truly loved your two-week August Course and learned so much! She didn’t want it to end… She is looking forward to more amazing experiences at CPYB.