Program Curriculum

Comprehensive Training. Performance Experience. Unparalleled Opportunity.

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Men’s Program curriculum is designed to meet the specific training needs of male dancers. The program components build upon one another to culminate in the development of a strong, well-trained and versatile dancer poised for professional success.

Technique Class is where the fundamentals of classical ballet are taught and refined. This daily class uses a syllabus developed by Founding Artistic Director Marcia Dale Weary and helps you develop a firm foundation upon which to develop your expertise.

Men’s Class builds upon the foundation acquired in Technique Class. Here you will develop the specific strength and movement skill set required of male dancers. You will learn and refine skills such as jumps, turns and presentation.

Partnering Class provides the opportunity to hone your partnership skills. The ability to be a confident trusted partner is vital to a male dancer’s career. You will learn the responsibility of enhancing a female dancer’s technique through lifting, assisting her turn or dancing alongside her.

Strength Training Class prepares you for the physical rigors of rehearsal and performance. Strength training is designed to increase strength, power and stamina. Physical strength increases physical ability, decreases risk of injury and increases mental confidence. 

Performance Experience gives you the opportunity to apply the practical skills you have learned in the Men’s Program. Performance opportunities cover a broad repertory, from full-length classical ballets to new works. Performances take place at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts and at the Hershey Theatre on their professional stages. 

CPYB Dialogues is a seminar series that will enrich your life, both as an individual and as a dancer. You will glean practical knowledge on topics such as nutrition and wellness, injury prevention and résumé preparation.


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