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Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet is the nation's preeminent school for introducing your child to the world of dance through music and movement.

Girls and boys learn coordination, ballet vocabulary, and classroom etiquette in a progressive sequence based on their development. These classes help your son or daughter develop the life-long skills of focus, discipline and confidence.

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet offers classes in Carlisle at the CPYB Warehouse Studios and CPYB Barn Studios and at the Grace Milliman Pollock Performing Arts Center in Camp Hill.

Meet Rose Taylor-Spann, Children's Division Coordinator.

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This foundational class encourages a child’s sense of creativity and imagination while introducing them to the fundamental elements of movement. This course explores the creative and physical dimensions of each child in consideration of their cognitive, physical and social developmental needs. Students will gain awareness of music, rhythm and movement while exploring the concepts of space, time, force, movement, body and form. Age-appropriate classroom activities develop gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, while introducing students to the structure, etiquette and discipline of dance. The curriculum of this program progresses throughout the entire academic year in response to the developmental growth and progress of Creative Movement I students.

Creative Movement II develops coordination, strength, flexibility and balance while awareness and exploration of space, time, body, form and movement become more complex. Classroom activities are designed to develop students’ locomotor and non-locomotor skills while further challenging their cognitive development and spatial awareness through the incorporation of patterning and sequencing. In addition to expanding on creativity, musicality, strength, flexibility and coordination, specific exercises designed to prepare students for ballet training will also be introduced. The curriculum of this program progresses throughout the entire academic year in response to the developmental growth and progress of Creative Movement II students. Minimum requirement: Two classes per week.

Pre-Ballet provides a critical transition from Creative Movement to CPYB’s first level of classical ballet training. Fundamentals of foundational ballet technique will be introduced in this course. Children will become familiar with the structure and discipline of a ballet class. This is the first level of training where children will be introduced to barre work and basic ballet terminology. Elements of pantomime as it relates to classical ballet narration will also be incorporated in this class. Music, movement and creativity will continue to be explored in Pre-Ballet to best suit the developmental needs of students and ensure an efficient transition from Creative Movement to Level I. The curriculum of this course advances throughout the entire academic year. Minimum requirement: Two classes per week.

Tap class helps improve the student's posture and develop rhythm and coordination. As students learn to put dance steps together in a variety of ways, they improve cognitive thinking skills. Precise musicality and classroom etiquette are emphasized. Students enrolled in Creative Movement I, Creative Movement II, or Pre-Ballet can enhance their dance experience through tap classes at no additional tuition cost.*

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