Alumni of the Year

The 2017 Alumni of the Year Campaign begins on May 12!

Who are the candidates? Stay tuned for the reveal...


What is the Alumni of the Year (AOTY) Campaign?

The AOTY Campaign is a 10-week campaign to benefit CPYB's mission to inspire, educate and enrich lives through classical ballet. Each campaign includes "candidates" — CPYB alumni who are nominated to participate in fundraising meant to strengthen Founding Artistic Director Marcia Dale Weary's vision of changing lives through dance.

All gifts to the AOTY Campaign are restricted to the CPYB Changing Lives Scholarship Fund. 

How are the AOTY candidates nominated?

For its inaugural year, candidates were nominated by Marcia Dale Weary, CPYB CEO Nicholas Ade, and CPYB School Principal and CPYB Alumna Alecia Good-Boresow. 

Each year AOTY candidates will nominate the next year's AOTY candidates.

How does the campaign work?

For 10 weeks, each candidate will fundraise on behalf of CPYB. We have provided them with support materials such as a customizable online donation page. However, each candidate's campaign is their very own!  

At the end of 10 weeks, each candidate will be uniquely honored at An Evening at the Barre to celebrate their accomplishments as a team. The candidate who achieves the greatest impact on the mission (raises the most money) will be named "Alumni of the Year."

Who are the AOTY Candidates?

Dancers, business owners, and community leaders from near and far have accepted nominations.